Coastal Titans Achieve Quality Club Status

Coastal Titans Women’s Football Club in the Subiaco District, are now proudly the first senior football club in the district to be acknowledged as a Bronze Level "Quality Club"   The AFL recognise the importance of ensuring quality at the many thousands of community clubs across the nation and see it as a valuable tool to ensure the sustainable growth of the game is retained and improved upon.

President Sarah Michell has been the catalyst in the club achieving its bronze level, "The Coastal Titans have been very aware of the benefits in running a professional organisation and I was pleased to discover that we were already achieving in the areas deemed important under the Quality Club Program", Ms Michell said.

Ben Haywood, District Manager for Subiaco District is delighted that Coastal Titans have been the first senior community club in achieving their bronze level status. "The RAC QCP confirms that the club has all the checks and balances in place to run a successful operation. Coastal Titans have lead the way and I hope to see many other clubs with the Subiaco District follow their example and proudly boast to their members, players and supporters that they are indeed a "quality club". Mr Haywood said
The 2010 season saw the commencement of the state-wide rollout of the Quality Club Program (QCP)
The concept of the Quality Club Program is to provide an opportunity for all community football clubs in WA to achieve a minimum standard of club administration and to recognise and reward clubs for achieving the base standard through to standards of excellence.
Through the Quality Club program, clubs will have the opportunity to achieve the following levels:
Bronze – a level to recognise good club administration.
Silver - a level to recognise excellent club administration.
Gold – a level to recognise exceptional club administration.

Creating a quality environment is of enormous benefit to football clubs  as a whole and all of its members. Some of the benefits of being involved with this program include:
Providing an atmosphere that will help to attract new participants, officials and members (& retain those you already have);
  •  - Providing an environment that will be attractive to sponsors and help your club promote itself amongst the community and particularly to your local Council;
  •  - Minimising many risks associated with running a sporting club;
  •  - Creating a best practice guide for your current Committee and all future Committees; and
  •  - Participating in a sport that can continue to promote itself as a leading sport where quality is valued highly.
  •  - Ultimately, the benefit of being involved in this program is to create a better club!
  • Clubs can complete an initial online survey to get an idea of the benchmarks set for the RAC Quality Club Program.
    Once completed the clubs are assisted by the WAFC to complete the process by providing the documentation/evidence to support their status. 

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