WORD FOR WORD with Coach Waterman

Coach Chris Waterman delivers his message to the troops. Photo: Cam Wedemeyer - Subiaco FC / twenty5six . com 

1. What has gone well in the first half of the season?

Four wins in the first four weeks that’s about it.

2. What’s been disappointing?

Probably the Perth game was our most disappointing loss but the way in which we lost players right from Adam Cockie at the start of the season to the halfway line against Swans in which we counted nine of our starting 18 were out of the team at that stage and they were all senior players. So we really have been cut to the bone, we could handle it early with a few with two or three out but once it got to four, five, six and seven it was becoming too much to handle and we didn’t quite have the depth as some of our depth players were injured as well so that’s been the most disappointing part after a strong start but we still find ourselves within touch of the top four if we can get everyone back.

3. How do you assess your position?

We’re in touch, it’s been a mixed bag so with all that’s happened in the past five weeks we’re still in touch and we just need to be diligent in getting blokes up and fighting our way through the next block of four and get two or three wins hopefully and stay within reach with seven to go.

4. Where will you look for improvement in the second half of 2012?

Well naturally if you can get six of those eight players back or all eight of them, which we had at the start we were very hard to beat. That’s what we planned pre-season and Grover became a bonus. If those blokes can come back our reserves strengthens up and it’s been tough on them people think we haven’t got much depth but when they get depleted it’s harder on younger players. I think we’ll see improvement with the blokes we identified, the likes of Smythe, Waters and Cullen. They’ve been pretty good but I think they’ll get even better as the season unfolds. I think the three scratchies, three rounds, FOXTEL Cup, then six, it’s been 13 weeks straight so even though we had injuries a few of the younger ones got pretty tired and we didn’t have that depth coming into the seniors. We’ve got blocks coming up now; I think our younger blokes are really looking forward to improving.

5. Individually, who have been the real standouts for you?

Personally, I think Parker has been terrific. Rhett Kerr has been terrific. Mahoney, Sinclair and Joey Daye have all been terrific as recruits. Conor Davidson was really good the first four and unfortunately got injured. Our other fifth recruit was Nathan Phillips, unfortunately, we wont see him this year but in terms of our first four recruits that are playing I think, apart from Conor who missed five weeks, we’re pretty lucky there. Realistically on top of our young blokes along with the depletion we’ve probably had another three or four really struggling with form so we need to see improvement from those guys.

6.How do you assess the competition?

Claremont standout a little bit but they’ve been proven to be beaten. No one stands to me to be the absolute team yet and that’s been Claremont over the past two years. I don’t think they’re a stand out in front of Swans and East Perth by that much or East Freo at their best and I think West Perth will improve too. Perth have a good list, Peel have got a good list so I think the second half might come up with a few surprises and we’ve just got to make sure we take care of our bit and make sure if that’s in order we might find ourselves in the top four in the end. 

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