Lions Community Development RAFFLE


The annual Lions Community Development Raffle project benefits our football programs designed to support our Colts, Junior Clubs (metro & country) and associated District community teams.

With 28 prizes (detailed below) to be won the draw took place on Sunday, 15 July. 

Members and players have supported this event which represents the only direct fundraising activity the club undertakes each season. 

All results are listed below while all winners will be notified officially. 


1st Prize No. 01089

2nd Prize No. 31407

3rd Prize No. 36562

4th Prize No. 03275

5th Prize No. 02978

6th Prize No. 06738

7th Prize No. 12261

8th Prize No. 34466

9th Prize No. 23131

10th Prize No. 23108

11th Prize No. 31653

12th Prize No. 19156

13th Prize No. 31284

14th Prize No. 19646

15th Prize No. 20660

16th Prize No. 24314

17th Prize No. 22981

18th Prize No. 36311

19th Prize No. 03804

20th Prize No. 01087

21st Prize No. 34279

22nd Prize No. 32458

23rd Prize No. 12125

24th Prize No. 24165

25th Prize No. 02720

26th Prize No. 04219

27th Prize No. 01228

28th Prize No. 31773



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