No Food, No Sleep... No Worries


Senior Coach Jarrad Schofield says he never doubted his playing group was physically fit enough to survive what’s been described as the most grueling weekend of their lives.

45 players and 8 officials travelled to isolated farmland 170kms south east of Perth and were greeted by current and former SAS soldiers.

Following the commands and meeting the expectations of the soldiers was a real eye opener according to Lions midfielder Rob Forrest “We didn’t really know what to expect when we got off the bus, but it didn’t take long to realize that these blokes meant business”

“It’s probably the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life, it’s good because now I know what boundaries I’ve set and can work towards them and push my body to the next level.”

At 10pm while friends and family back home kicked up their feet and prepared for bed, for this playing group the night was just beginning.

Players were tasked with transporting, by foot, ammunition boxes, jerry cans and tractor tires until at 3:30am.

Yet to eat dinner the players quickly inhaled their assigned meal – one can of baked beans, before finding what little comfort they could in the dirt and shrubs allocated for sleeping.

“Meal and sleep restrictions were very tough, in your comfort zone you’ll have 3 or 4 meals a day, you come here and you’re living on a sultana to try and get you through” Forrest said.

The painfully chirpy cry of  “On the jog!” marked a 5:00am wake up call and 45 frozen souls were lead shuffling reluctantly to the property’s main dam.

The dawn swimming races kicked off a punishing 18 hour period that included countless hill sprints,  endless sled dragging, 3 hours of football training, tent building and hundreds of rope pushups .

While the theme of the camp was physical limitations, players were also tested between the ears, with individuals quizzed on team structures, game set ups and teammates’ personal lives.

The entire squad including coaches took part in an honesty session that lasted long into Saturday night, the details of which Schofield says will remain in house.

“I was looking to see how the blokes worked through adversity together and also to try and get the next crop of leaders.” Said a satisfied Schofield

Schofield returns to Subiaco following a successful stint as an assistant coach with Claremont and in his first year at the helm the three time Lions premiership player has long term goals for the crop of 2013.

“We talk about the Randalls, the Parkers, the Bristows the Rumbles but it’s the next tier of players that we need to build sustainability with in this football club and I think we saw some guys really stand up this camp”

“If anything the guys probably look stronger this morning (Sunday) doing 20 odd Kilometers of running and work after 2 nights of hardly any sleep”

“There was never any question about the output of the boys it was more in terms of the leadership the communication through adversity and under stress and that’s what I was looking for and I think we improved in that area.”

The Lions are set to announce their leadership group for 2013 in the coming days.


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