Halligan Cool Under Pressure


Kyle Halligan says he’s been under pressure since his first day of Subiaco’s pre-season training… and for good reason.


Quiet and unassuming by nature, Halligan’s hopes of flying under the radar flew right out the window when senior coach Jarrad Schofield introduced the 18-year-old to his new team mates and labeling him as ‘the best kick at the club’.

“It definitely put some pressure on, once he said that everyone seemed to be watching me a bit closer and there’s more pressure on me but it’s good to hear that from the head coach.” Halligan said.

Since that day, Halligan, or ‘Hallaz’ as he’s known to teammates, has carried the title with distinction, his foot skills were on display against East Fremantle on Saturday when he made his WAFL debut.

“It was pretty exciting I was a bit nervous leading up the game but once I got my first touch I got used to it and found the ball a bit more,”

“It’s a big step up from colts footy, a lot faster and I didn’t really have time to think once I got the ball, I just had to get rid of it.” He said

Halligan’s ten disposals and a goal were a rare highlight on a fairly bleak day for the Lions.

“I went through my tape with Haysey  (forward coach Caine Hayes) and he was pretty happy with my chasing from behind, he said I went ok which is good for the confidence.” He said.

The Warwick Greenwood product is happy to be reaping the rewards of a huge pre-season, which included  a grueling 2 day SAS camp  which Halligan says stretched him to his physical limits.

“I didn’t know how much my body could take until that camp,”

“Half way through I thought I was going to die, I just pushed myself because all your mates are there pushing with you and you didn’t want to be that weak link so you had to push yourself through.” Halligan said.


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