Colts leapfrog Royals


The Subiaco Colts have recorded another upset victory with a 31-point win over East Perth elevating them into the top four for the first time in over a month.

The Lions set the tone of the game with a fast three-goal start and looked the hungrier side to leapfrog the Royals into fourth spot and finals contention.

Five goals from exciting forward Jeremy Woodley helped the Lions get over the line providing assistance to key forward Ryan Vermeersch who was freed up to move up the ground and present.

The presence of the Woodley brothers in the forward line has helped turn Subiaco’s season around adding forward pressure and the ability to bear some of the goal-kicking load.

Subiaco’s midfield was purring again with Connor Wilkinson added back into the mix. Greg Clark and Max Walters led disposals with 31 each and continue to develop their chemistry around clearances.

Wilkinson had 28 touches in his Colts return with winger Aaron Summers and Tim Edwards also having an impact on the game.


Captain Brennan Pearce rebounds out of defensive 50        Photo: Michael Barr 



The Woodley brothers, Justin and Jeremy, both performed outstandingly against the Royals to each gather 14 disposals and slot six goals between them. But the most impressive asset the Woodley brothers have brought to the Colts game in the last month has been their tackling pressure. Justin and Jeremy both hunted the ball carrier in the forward line, which negated East Perth’s time to generate rebounds.

Sorrento-Duncraig youngster Jack Beverley slotted into the back-line against East Perth and performed admirably. The Colts back six have been revitalised in the last two weeks reducing two top four sides to 52 and 40 points and Beverley’s addition provides another capable defender.

Subiaco only edged East Perth in forward 50 entries by four but went in with far greater finesse. The young Lions used the ball with efficiency and hit multiple targets in their forward 50 during crucial parts of the game. Coach Steve Armstrong would like having the ball in the hands of players like Greg Clark, Max Walters, and Aaron Summers who combined for 19 inside 50’s against the Royals.

As per standard for Steve Armstrong’s Colts program fresh talent is constantly flowing into the side. This week two Kingsway youngsters Jackson Kidd and Matt Borland made their debut in a crucial clash. 


EAST PERTH                  1.0    3.2    5.3     6.4    (40)
SUBIACO                        3.2    4.4    8.4   11.5    (71)




BEST: J. Woodley, J. Woodley, N. Adler, J. Beverley, T. Hooper & D. Campbell

GOALS:  5 J.Woodley, 1 J.Woodley, C.Buscall, T.Edwards, G.Clark, A.Summers, L.Catalfamo

INJURIES: Nil       





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