Shorter Season, More Finals: Capes

Subiaco CEO Peter Capes says WAFL clubs can save anywhere between 25 and 60 thousand dollars annually by reducing the WAFL season by 2 rounds

It’s an issue that’s been discussed at club level for some time and after crunching the numbers across the league Capes is adamant it would be a financial benefit without compromising on the quality or integrity of the competition.

“The SANFL and the VFL both have 18 round seasons and it doesn’t really change how it all pans out.” Capes said

“I put a paper into the footy commission last year which questioned whether a home game is an income generator or a loss.”

“I did all the numbers on the bar, the gate, the food and merchandise sold compared to the costs of running a home game, once you factor in pre game functions for your VIPs and your sponsors and I found that it’s not even close.”

“The costs out-weigh the revenue… and that’s a home game… away games you’ve got zero income but the costs still remain the same things like player and coaching payments.”

“So shortening the season just by two games would save a club somewhere in the vicinity of 25 – 60 grand.”

Ideally Capes would like to see the season shortened from 23 rounds to 21.

“The WAFL grand final will never move from the week before the AFL Grand Final, that will never change but by losing two weeks we have room for more finals.”

A shortened season paves the way for a top five and an extra week of finals.

“Everyone loves finals, they always have, so why wouldn’t you give them more finals.” Capes said

“When people say it promotes mediocrity I think that’s just rubbish. The SANFL runs a top five and in the last decade on at least five occasions the fifth placed side has played a meaningful part in September. I think they made a grand final once, a preliminary final two or three times and have progressed past the first week more often than not.”

“Keep in mind East Fremantle only missed out by half a game last year.  This season, Claremont are finishing strongly or even last year’s premiers West Perth  may have played a part from 5th position..”

“I think the finals is where the interest is and the fans really come alive plus it’s the finals that are the real revenue raisers for the clubs.”

“Instead of having 5 clubs out of finals contention from half way through the year it keeps the interest factor alive for the members, for the players and coaches and everyone else involved in WAFL football. I think that’s really important”

Capes insists that while the proposed changes would help boost each club’s bank balance he admits it could be some time before it happens.

“It starts with discussing it. We’ve had presentations with our board over the last 12 months. Our club is very comfortable with reducing the number of games because we can clearly see the financially benefit of it.  It appears many of the other clubs are yet to be convinced that applies in their case.”

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