CEO Capes optimistic on Subi Oval outcome

Subiaco's Chief Executive Officer Peter Capes was a featured speaker at April's GOLDS meeting and was optimistic in exploring the future options of Subiaco Oval.

The hallowed turf and original home of the Lions is on lease to the AFL until a new 60,000 seated ground is finished on the Burswood peninsula in 2018. 

The fate of Subiaco Oval beyond then is a mystery, but Subiaco CEO Cape's was optimistic about the future of the Lions original home. 

"I was able to illustrate some of the issues facing the club at the April GOLDS meeting and due to our current financial stability the Subiaco Football Club are in a position to have a signifigant impact on football in Western Australia,

"One of the issues facing us was the future of Subiaco Oval. We've got rights to the facility until 2018 or when AFL football leaves but after that point in time we will be negotiating a new position in regards to the venue,

"We've been involved with consultants from the Western Australian Football Commission to look at what Subiaco Oval will become when football is no longer played there. We've had some input into that as the original owners of the venue and were already taking pre-active measures to make sure we can achieve the best outcome for the club and football in Western Australia." said Capes

Capes even alluded to the possibility of the Lions returning to their original stomping grounds with the conversion of Subi Oval into a smaller capacity sporting venue a real possibility. 

"The oval could remain there for sport, and we would never say never to returning. We're very happy at Medibank Stadium at the present time but as time goes on, circumstances change; and we will explore various resolutions in deciding the future for Subiaco Oval. 

Another issue is retaining the history and heritage that the WAFL holds in Western Australian Football within the new 820.7 million dollar stadium project. Various opportunities will be open to WAFL clubs to ensure they play a part in the next chapter in WA Football. 

"We've got ongoing access to tickets and other availabilities at the prospected stadium. All WAFL clubs are also working on having a WAFL function room to maintain the traditions of Western Australia football and you hope all parties will have access to opportunities like this with the new stadium." said Capes

Projected image of new Perth Stadium on the Burswood Peninsula.



The GOLDS monthly meeting brings past players and supporters together to address the issues facing the Subiaco Football Club and allows people involved to provide answers. 

April's meeting provided the platform for CEO Peter Capes to discuss various hurdles facing the club in the future and the plan of action to over come them. Along with Capes' input, vice-captain Darren Rumble, Bill Fetherstonhaugh and Jordan Lockyer were able to address the members and demonstrate their excitement for the 2015 season. 

Ross Lockhart was re-appointed as president/chairman of the GOLDS and Brian Becker returned as secretary. Kevin Jones was appointed as treasurer replacing the incumbent Peter Warden. 

Any club members seeking information on GOLDS meetings and projects, contact Ross on 9447 7467 

Next Dinner Meeting - Tuesday, 5th May - 7:30 - Medibank Stadium

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