Big Chance for Esperance

Subiaco have looked to their South-East country zone to bolster the 2015 Colts squad with eight players from Esperance partaking in training on Tuesday Night. 
Lachlan Cruttenden, Nathan Wagenknecht, Riorden Hughes, Brayden Ainsworth, Brodie Ogle, Brayden Barker, Sam Ashby and Liam O'Callaghan made the trip to Perth for the annual Country Week carnival and Player Development Officer Neil Arnold sees it as the perfect opportunity to see what the kids are made of. 
"We had a group of the Esperance footballers downh for the senior high school country week carnival so it was prime opportunity to invite the some of the boys along for a run and for them to see how the colts program operates for the guys that are hoping to transition into our colts program.” said Arnold
The eight junior footballers from the country slotted right in at colts training on Tuesday and Arnold is excited to work with the fresh talent. 
"They were fantastic in Tuesday's session. There was a high skill level present in all the players and they listened intently. To see how they got in there and involved themselves is a credit to their clubs, coaches and attitude."
"The players from the country zones can also tend to be bigger bodies because they play senior football at an earlier age than the metro players. They’re not afraid of the physical contact and hunt the ball with aggression and we're looking forward to working with them.” added Arnold
    PDO Neil Arnold talks to the Esperance hopefuls fresh off the bus.     Photo: SFC 
With a young Subi colts squad offering opportunities for players to grow, Arnold is excited to see the Esperance players take the next step. 
"I would like to see some of them get a kick at colts level this year and beyond."
We have to be conscious of the local community and their football programs to make sure were not interfering with their schedule but we’d love to see some of the Esperance players take the next step and play colts football for us.” said Arnold 
Subi’s colts are set to take on Peel at 9:25 Saturday morning. 


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