Subiaco launch online auction

Subiaco are excited to announce the launch of their first ever online auction. 

There's over 50 unique items to browse and bid on as the football club offer a variety of merchandise to the public. 

From signed guernseys, to holidays, to rare experiences this auction has a bit of everything. Auction will close August 22nd after our game against East Fremantle. 

It's simple to get involved just follow the promts below and register to start bidding!
visit to view the items on offer.
Subiaco Online Auction Instructions
To Register via SMS
  1. Text: subiaco followed by your full name
  2. To: 61428520199
  3. Example: subiaco Brad Pitt
  4. Follow the registration link you are sent from GalaBid to login and place bids.
  5. Please note: capitals are not needed
To Register via browser (WEBSITE)
  1. Click on the ‘register’ button
  2. Enter your details and click ‘submit’.
  3. You will then receive a text to your mobile phone with the link to the auction catalogue and a passcode. Use the passcode to login on any browser or click the link in the text to be automatically logged in on the browser on your smart phone. You are now ready to bid.
Don’t have a Smart phone?
  1. Register as above, then you will be able to place bids via SMS or via your browser
  2. Text bids to the same number 61428520199
  3. Enter the amount in without any symbols followed by the letter 'L' and the Item number with no spaces between.
Example: to bid $99 on item 33, Text: 99L33

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