Tony Fullgrabe Departs

The Subiaco Football Club would like to announce the resignation of Tony Fullgrabe as Director of Talent and Country Servicing

Fullgrabe has occupied the role since 2013 but will step down due to work and family commitments.
“Fullgrabe worked for three years on the board, this would have been his third year in the position." said Chief Executive Officer Peter Capes. 
“He’s been instrumental in helping us through a period where we’ve had multiple colts coaches and various people in the talent development role,
Prior to his role as Talent and Country Servicing Director he was also the runner for the league team for a number of years; so his contributions to the club have been significant.” 
Subiaco are grateful for Fullgrabe’s input over the last decade adding valuable contributions but now look to the future of the position.  
“We’re now looking for someone to take over the role. It’s a very important position at the club and would be fantastic for someone who has a focus on colts level and below and understands the development pathway,
“The board is now seeking someone to replace Tony, so we encourage interested football professionals to contact the club..” Added Capes
CEO Peter Capes and Vice President John Martin are set to discuss the role and application process over the next month. 

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