Richard Maloney Returns

2004 Premiership captain Richard Maloney is returning to Perth and he is set share a wealth of lessons learned from the business world.

Maloney’s input into his business Engage & Grow has un-surprisingly shared traits with his on-field success and he’s excited to share his knowledge with the likeminded individuals. 

This lecture is perfect for CEO’s, MD, HR, Coach, Consultants or Managers at the Old Brewery on the morning of March 10.  
Come join Richard and his team for breakfast and hear all about how his employee engagement company Engage & Grow Global is now changing the way we do business all around the world.
Richard Maloney at his latest meet in Houston, TX. USA 
You will learn:
•    Business success today is all about employee engagement, it’s the #1 criteria according to Deloitte
•    Employee Engagement and how it impacts performance and your bottom line profits
•    Richard’s been associated with now 30 sports premierships, it’s all about buy in and unity - he’ll give you the fastest way today
•    First there was Lean Management, then Six Sigma, now it's the Group Activation System TM
•    Case studies and stories from around the world will be the main feature
•    The Old Brewery, 73 Mounts Bay Road
•    Friday 10th March, 7am to 9am
•    More info - click here
•    Limited seats available
PS - If you’re a Subiaco FC member you will receive a free copy of Richard’s book.


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