Subiaco Talent Carnival Wrap

Subiaco’s development teams wrapped up their 2017 WAFL Talent Carnival campaigns on Saturday against South Fremantle.
In a highly successful carnival for the Subiaco Football Club, all five of their development teams won at least two of their four matches. Impressively the two A teams and the Year 10s side each won three games.
Some notable performers for each team were Corderoy named to the best three times in the year 8A side, Burt named to the best three times in the Year 8B side, Kirkpatrick named to the best twice in the Year 9A side, Gates named to the best three times in the Year 9B side and Schofield, Broughton and Patterson each named in the best twice for the Year 10 side.
Subiaco would like to thank the five coaches for their efforts as well as the respective assistant coaches and support staff for all their assistance in providing a successful two week carnival for the Subiaco Football Club
Year 8A:
Coach: Jarrod McAuley
Three Wins & One Loss
Round 1
Subiaco 10.9.69 d East Perth 8.7.55
Best: Corderoy, Caccamo, Wakenham
Round 2
Subiaco 9.11.65 d West Perth 3.2.20
Best: Cross, Crane, Elkarakizi
Round 3
Subiaco 13.11.89 d Perth 3.5.23
Best: Evitt, Corderoy, Erasmus
Round 4
South Fremantle 12.7.79 d Subiaco 4.5.29
Best: Evitt, Corderoy, Nolan
Year 8B:
Coach: Matt Pannell
Two Wins & Two Losses
Round 1
Subiaco 10.6.66 d East Perth 6.9.45
Best: Ouinlivan, Pullinger, Burt
Round 2
West Perth 13.11.89 d Subiaco 0.1.1
Best: Burt, Rafter, Sedlarczuk
Round 3
Subiaco 10.14.74 d Perth 5.3.33
Best: Clark, Burt, Maxwell
Round 4
South Fremantle 14.18.102 d Subiaco 4.5.29
Best: Cubahiro, Stavreski, Clark
Year 9A:
Coach: Paul Clinch
Three Wins & One Loss
Round 1
Subiaco 17.12.114 d East Perth 4.1.25
Best: Walter, Johnson, Tholstrup
Round 2
West Perth 11.6.72 d Subiaco 6.4.40
Best: Hunter, Quartermaine, Hayden
Round 3
Subiaco 12.9.81 d Perth 7.5.47
Best: Everett, Kirkpatrick, Broughton
Round 4
South Fremantle 16.8.104 d Subiaco 8.3.51
Best: Kirkpatrick, Davis, Everett
Year 9B:
Coach: Stuart Hobley
Two Wins & Two Losses
Round 1
Subiaco 6.11.47 d East Perth 5.8.38
Best: Mann, Hutchinson, Gidgup
Round 2
West Perth 12.11.83 d Subiaco 4.7.31
Best: Gates, Randall, Emes
Round 3
Subiaco 13.8.86 d Perth 6.5.41
Best: Gates, Marlam, Hutchinson
Round 4
South Fremantle 10.5.65 d Subiaco 3.2.20
Best: Germana, Gates, Marlam
Year 10:
Coach: Stuart Page
Three Wins & One Loss
Round 1
East Perth 13.8.86 d Subiaco 8.7.55
Best: Schofield, Wangenecht, Patterson
Round 2
Subiaco 15.8.98 d West Perth 3.7.25
Best: Page, Wood, Broughton
Round 3
Subiaco 9.7.61 d Perth 3.5.23
Best: Watts, Schofield, Taylor
Round 4
Subiaco 12.9 d South Fremantle 7.8.50
Best: Patterson, S. Broughton, T. Broughton

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