Ladies Day: Bec Schofield

Bec Schofield has been on our head coach’s right hand side since they were 17 and she’s excited to be writing the next chapter at Subi. 

After Jarrad’s playing career spanned from Subiaco to West Coast, Port Adelaide and then Fremantle, Bec's supported Schoey every step of the way and she’s happy to be back where it all started. 

“It’s been so easy coming back to Subi that it felt like we never left. Some of the faces that were around when Jarrad first started playing are still here and it really adds to the family environment.” said Rebecca Schofield

The Schofield’s returned to Subiaco in 2012 when Jarrad was appointed as the Lions head coach and despite a tough start Bec has gotten used to the coaches wife life. 

“Jarrad’s first year in the head coach role was a bit stressful but that was because the wins weren’t coming. He has really high expectations of himself, as everyone has probably figured out, but the coaching success didn’t come at first,

“It’s been fantastic to see everyone at the club support Jarrad as head coach and welcome back the family with open arms. It’s a really strong club culture and it’s great to see that showing on and off the field” said Schofield

Jarrad Schofield with nephew Owen and son Taj.       Photo: Perthnow

The club also continue to support the Schofield’s extended family with Jarrad’s nephew Owen diagnosed with a rare brain formation disorder, lissencephaly.

Subiaco hosted Count Me In Round to raise inclusiveness and awareness for the Disability Services Commission and continue to help the family fundraise for Owen’s disability.

“The response and support shown for Owen, Taryn and Vincent Di Candilo has been incredible. The club continue to assist Owen and the family and those sort of values shine through as a whole.”

Bec has been a big contributor to the club since returning and is one of the main drivers for this Saturday’s Ladies Day fixture against East Fremantle. 

The Ladies Day event which will be used to acknowledge the female figures who have contributed to the club and when asked to mention some herself Bec singled out one notable Lions lady.

“There’s too many ladies that contribute to the club so I will just name one; Brooke Edwards at reception is always my first point of call when I need anything and she always does a great job.”

“The credit goes to her for organising the Ladies Day and hopefully all the partners, friends and ladies of the club join us in celebrating on Saturday.”

For more information on the Lions Ladies Day click here 

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