Subiaco Golds

Subiaco Golds is a Coterie Group established in 1971 by avid Subiaco Football Club supporter - the late William J. Moncrieff.

Golds now emcompases the Ladies Forum (since 2021) and Past Players & Officials groups.  Our main objective is to operate as a supporter group for the Subiaco Football Club. Over previous years we have supported the club by supplying TV's, gym equiptment, carpeting, awards and other contributions. 

Golds Objectives

  • Fundraise for player amenities
  • Monthly and Yearly Golds Player Awards
  • Promotion of Football in the Clubs Junior and Country Regions
  • Promotion of Social and Cultural activities within the association of its members

Membership to Golds is $25 p.a. and is restricted to financial or honorary members of the Subiaco Football Club. 

Presidents                                                                                  Life Members


1972/76        Jim Moncrieff                                                      1987        Chick Jackman

1977              Peter Metropolis                                                 1993        Bill Janks

1978/86        Chick Jackman                                                      1996        Bill Mackie

1987/91        Bill Janks                                                                2022        Ray Taylor

1992/93        Bill Mackie                                                             2004        Brian Becker

1994/97        Lindsay Hassett                                                                      Keith Stone

1988/2000    Peter Hetherington                                              2020        Michael Bailey

2001/10         Keith Stone                                                                             Basil Fuller

2011/22         Ross Lockhart                                                        2022        Ross Lockhart

2023               Jeff Hatcher


Golds Super 66 Winners         


WEEK ONE:  1st no 65. Thomo  2nd  no  93. Wayne Barron 3rd  no 80  Basil

WEEK TWO:  1st  No 88. Bob Pratt. 2nd. No. 69. Alison W 3rd. No 37. Rosco

WEEK THREE.  1st. No  78. Basil.  2nd. No.  24.  Piet Jarman.  3rd. No 51. Greg D

WEEK FOUR.   1st. No  74. Basil  2nd. No 25. Piet Jarman. #rd. No. 39 Geoff

WEEK FIVE:   1st. No. 45 Colin Button.  2nd. No  93 Wayne Barron. 3rd. No  73. Basil

WEEK SIX:     1st. No  34. Gail Stokes.  2nd. No  06. Fritz   3rd. No.  66 Ali W

WEEK SEVEN:   1st. No  25. Peit Jarman.  2nd. No  22. Peit Jarman.   3rd. No.  30 Arther K/Greg S  

WEEK EIGHT:   1st. No. 99 Wayne Barron. 2nd. No. 70. Ali W.  3rd. No 37.  Rosco