Colts Corner with Beau Wardman | RD17

Colt coach Beau Wardman sat down following Sunday's tough loss to Claremont to give his thoughts as the Subiaco Colts missed a golden chance to put some pressure on 3rd place on the WAFL colts ladder.

Q: Last week you spoke of the challenge you were looking forward to in this game against Claremont, what were the immediate feelings after the game concluded and a great opportunity had been missed?

Our work rate dropped off in the second half and unfortunately Claremont were good enough to capitalise. It was a missed opportunity to capitalise on a position in the five, however we just want consistency in our performances. 


Q: Scores level at half time, you certainly did a lot right early in the game, anything specific that you felt changed in the second half which was really where they won the match?

Claremont really spread well and moved the ball into space and we weren’t disciplined with our defensive structures to combat that. Some skill errors hurt us at critical times but take nothing away from the Claremont team. 


Q: When an opposition player like Jak Patmore is dominating as he did on Saturday, are there things you can do from the box or is it a learning experience for colts players on how to limit the impact of an in form opponent? 

Jak was outstanding. His poise and speed opened up the game. We wanted our midfielders to be more accountable around the contest and then in general play, however he is a top-level player, and AFL Academy member. We tried to implement a couple of things throughout the game but it fundamentally comes back to work rate and intent. He was very good.


Q: For your team, Liam Hickmott had a big day, career high in possessions and tackles with 32 and 13 respectively, did you feel that was Liam’s best game for the Subiaco colts?

Have been really impressed with Liam. It would be one of his best games this year. He works really hard at training and is committed to his improvement which is now evident on the field and his last month has been terrific. His one-touch at ground level has improved significantly and pressure around the contest has been great. He has a high work threshold and gets to a number of contests to impact.


Q: Mach Deng was another to have a career day, equal career high in possessions and hit-outs, how are you finding Deng as a developing tall in the squad?

Mach was really impressive as well. We have been doing a lot of work on his marking and positioning around the ground. He, like our other talls have come in and out of the team a bit this year but for him to put together a really consistent game was great. 


Q: Another one of the positives was the tackling pressure again. You out-tackled Claremont 60-57 and must be pleasing that even when not playing at your best, your players are continuing to bring the required pressure to be a strong team?

We would probably like to be getting to the ball first and controlling the game that way. Part of the learning this year is showing strong effort and intent for longer. Being able to compete hard. We are developing this which has helped keep us in a number of games.  


Q: It has been noted over the past couple of weeks that the Subiaco senior squad has been battling with a growing injury list, but your colts also are battling a bit with injuries and colts aged players playing at reserves level, do you think that had an impact on Saturday?

Look we have been fortunate to retain most of the colts-aged players within the group for the majority of the year. Brayden Ainsworth has been terrific at senior level and that’s going to take his game forward. The major part of the coaches role is to develop players to a point where they are ready to take on the challenges of senior football. Our injury list has had an impact at various stages this season, however it has provided other players with an opportunity, does that come at a cost for wins/losses – potentially.


Q: Amazing how quick things can change in colts footy, the Peel game next Saturday has a different complexion again. You really need a win to hold off a surging East Perth while Peel’s own form, shows that anyone can beat anyone on a given day?

Every game is a challenge. Peel have been strong for large portions of this season however if we bring our best effort we think we can take it right up to them. 

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