Russell Smith Takes the Reins

Monday, January 22, 2024 - 12:42 PM

With outgoing president Mark Lawrence standing down from his role at the completion of the 2023 season, 2024 will see the Subiaco Football Club with a new president, as current board member Russell Smith assumes the prestigious position. 

Russell's journey to presidency is rather unique and he is excited about the challenges this role entails. 

From the electric atmosphere of the 1988 grand final to the strategic boardroom decisions, Russell Smith's journey with Subiaco Football Club has been full of dedication and passion for our club.

His active involvement began in 2003 as a Colts statistician, marking the start of a long-term association with the club. Over the years, Russell has donned multiple hats - from coaching development squads to being a runner, and progressing through different roles in the club from  marketing to talent development and his appointment to the board in 2016. This deep-rooted connection with the club is not just professional; it's personal and passionate.

"Among my earliest memories is being at Subiaco Oval for the 1988 grand final. I was too young to recall the specifics of the game, but I nevertheless vividly remember the experience of being there and I wanted to get involved with the Club ever since.”

Beyond the football field, Russell Smith has spent eight years working and living abroad, predominantly in Boston and Singapore, which have equipped him with invaluable insights into global marketing strategies and digital transformation. This international experience, combined with a strong educational foundation - a Bachelor of Sports Science from Edith Cowan University, an MBA from UWA, and executive education from Harvard Business School - positions him uniquely to lead. His professional endeavors have seen him work with more than 200 businesses across 30 countries, and has instilled in him a diverse and inclusive vision. He now runs an innovative marketing agency called Spark Growth. 

Russell envisions a future for Subiaco Football Club where community, connection, and inclusivity are at the forefront. His aspiration is not just to maintain but to enhance the club's performance on the field, aiming for continued success and growth.His focus extends beyond the field, aspiring to create a club that resonates with and welcomes the wider community. The women's football program and the promising young players in our mens programs represent exciting opportunities for the club. Russell's leadership is poised to usher in an era where the club's legacy and future ambitions align to create success on and off the field.

“My vision is to continue to build and cultivate a club that thrives both on and off the field - where excellence in performance is matched by our commitment to inclusivity and connection. We're building a future where every member, supporter, player, partner and volunteer feels valued and integral to our legacy”.

His wife, Lucy, and their children - Louis, Sadie, and Jude - provide great support to Russell’s new role and depth to his understanding of community and inclusivity, qualities he eagerly seeks to embed in the fabric of Subiaco Football Club. His family values mirror the values he aspires to instill in the club - a sense of belonging, support, and togetherness.

The club wishes Russell and his family all the best in his time at the Club as president and thanks outgoing president Mark Lawrence for his years of dedication, leadership, friendship and support during an extremely successful era for the Club.